These are reviews from one-to-four-hour seminars by Michael J. Beautyman.

By Michael J. Beautyman

Comments from Mr. Beautyman's speech at the Jenkins Law Library April 25, 2018:
- "Everything was valuable - excellent overview, context, anecdotes."
- "The instructor offered such a wealth of information in a very engaging fashion. I am very happy I signed up for this course. THANK YOU!"

The following table summarizes the course evaluations from those who have attended:

Course Evaluation Totals in Average Year Number of People
Excellent 352
Exceeded Expectations 104
Met Expectations 62
Needs Improvement 3
Failed to Meet Expectations 1

Michael Beautyman teaches courses in the areas of healthcare law and construction law. He has over 40 years' experience. He has given numerous presentations on various health care topics as set forth in his resume. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in Michael's presentations.