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  • With the exception of foreign visitors from Canada, all others are required to have a visa and a current passport to enter the United States.  Contact your United States Embassy or Consulate Office for information about obtaining a Visitor's Visa (B-2).  It is important to apply early.  Because of recent changes in United States visa policy and procedures you may need as much as 5 months to obtain a visa.  For a list of Web sites of United States embassies and consulates worldwide, please visit

  • Each traveler must apply in person at the US Embassy office in his/her country for the visa.
    The application fee is $100.
    The embassy office also requires that each applicant present a letter from the sponsoring  institution.
    The letter should state:
    ~how long the traveler will be staying.
    ~who will be paying for the expenses.
    ~purpose of travel.
    ~who is sponsoring the travel.

    You can download the letter from the website. Click on

    If you need a letter directed to you specifically, see instructions below

  • You may also enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Program if you are a citizen of one of the 27 countries that participates in this program.  These countries are: ANDORRA, ICELAND, NORWAY, AUSTRALIA, BELGIUM, BRUNEI, DENMARK, FINLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, IRELAND, ITALY, JAPAN, LIECHTENSTEIN, LUXEMBOURG, MONACO, the NETHERLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, PORTUGAL, SAN MARINO, SINGAPORE, SLOVENIA, SPAIN, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM.  Please note that visitors from Belgium have been required to have a MACHINE READABLE PASSPORT since May 15, 2003.  All other Visa Waiver Program countries will not need the machine readable passport for entry into the United States until October 26, 2004.  The Visa Waiver Program applies to foreigners who want to visit the United States for pleasure.  This includes amateurs participating in sports who will receive no money or other remuneration in return.  List yourself as an amateur.

  • To enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, travelers from participating countries must: (1) be a citizen of a Visa Waiver Program country, (2) have a valid passport issued by the participating country that is valid for six months beyond the intended visit, (3) have a machine readable passport from Belgium only, and (4) be seeking entry for 90 days or less as a temporary visitor for pleasure.  Also visitors using this program must fly on specified carriers.  It is important that you call the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for further details about this program.

  • If you need a personal letter to assist with the process of acquiring a visa, direct your request to all of the following:

  • Michael J. Beautyman, chairman of the 2004 World Senior Tennis Championships, at


  • Luca Santilli, Executive Director of the ITF, at


  • David Schobel, Director, USTA, at



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