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Interview with Olympic Gold Medalist and
World Cup Champion Bode Miller


Interviewer:  I hear that in addition to skiing you like to play tennis.  These aren't two sports you necessarily think of as going hand-in-hand.  But do you find playing tennis helps you with your quickness and agility?

Bode:  Yes, all sports really.  No one seems to deny the fact that any sport that helps you with coordination, focus, movement, helps you with other sports.  Especially tennis, which is explosive power, full-body coordination, your hands, obviously are the instrument for the racket, but your feet have to be there, you have to be in perfect balance, just to get your shots.  So there's a huge fitness component to tennis.  But more than anything I would say it's a mental game.  It's long - you're out there for hours at a time in a match.  You know, tennis can go both ways.  You can hit a lot of shots that are bad each match, and you can hit a lot of shots that are good.  So the mental component to that is where I think the biggest benefits are as far as crossover to other sports.


















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