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Septa costs

U.S. Citizens only, aged 65 yrs +, can purchase 10 trips for $8.50 during non- peak hours.

  • Non peak = trains not traveling trough center city between 7am 8am and 4:30pm to 5:30pm

 All others can purchase a weekly pass for $28.25.  Can be used unlimited times with no hours restrictions.


Individual Championships
Entry Form

ENTRIES CLOSE: Monday 16 August, 2004


              Entry Form ( MS Word file)                       


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Visa Information

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Letter of Invitation ( MS Word file )


  • Checks for all North American entrants to be made out to:
    World Championships Organizing Committee, Inc.
  • The Entry form along with Entry fee, Player agreement & Release forms duly completed
    should be returned to the following address for players from North America, including
    United States, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean:

                                 2004 ITF Vets World Tennis Championships
                                 Organizing Committee, Inc.
                                 1201 Bethlehem Pike
                                 Flourtown , PA - 19031-1902

  • All other entrants to :

                                Isabelle Gemmel
                                Senior Assistant, Development Department
                                Vets Tennis
                                International Tennis Federation
                                Bank Lane, Roehampton, LONDON, SW 15 5XZ
                                Tel: 44 (0)208 392 4666; FAX: 44 (0)208 392 4737/4735

  • Retain a copy of the Rules and Conditions.
  • Note that Players may only enter a maximum of two events , e.g. 2 X singles, 2 X doubles,
    or 1 X singles and 1 X doubles.
  • Any player entering more than two events will be assigned to two events by the ITF based
    on his/her appropriate age category.




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In the international tennis community, the term Vets refers to senior tennis players
2000-2003, The 2004 ITF World Tennis Championships Organizing Committee, Inc.
1201 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown, PA 19031