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Beautyman Alvstad, LLP
focuses on transactional work and litigation. It is a law and consulting firm serving clients in a variety of industries, including hospitals, physicians, physician networks, healthcare facilities, PHOs, IPAs, provider sponsored HMOs, and MSOs. We address all the legal needs of our clients and also provide consulting services in areas such as strategic planning, market studies, business plan development, pension plans, and practice management.

Beautyman Alvstad, LLP’s clients are primarily in the healthcare industry and include teaching hospitals, multi-institutional systems, urban and community hospitals, specialty hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, physician groups, physician societies, and drug and medical equipment suppliers. The work includes regulatory work (Food and Drug Administration, HCFA, licensure), reimbursement, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, startups, tax, fraud and abuse, and contracting. We were at one time only a law firm, but found that clients need one-stop shopping for legal and consulting services associated with projects in the healthcare industry. We prepare financial forecasts, prepare license applications, obtain payor contracts, and offer other management consulting services. Thus, for example, if a joint venture, affiliation, or merger needs an antitrust analysis, we prepare the geographic and product market analyses. If a new enterprise is contemplated, we do the financial feasibility analyses.

Beautyman Alvstad, LLP also provides comprehensive estate planning services to clients, including preparation of wills, powers of attorney, tax and elder care plans, trusts, and living wills that clarify the client’s wishes on difficult health care and life support decisions. The firm also assists clients with Executor, Trustee, IRA's, Pensions, and Guardian matters, and with the resolution of elder care issues.

A number of our clients are new entities that came into existence in order to seize opportunities created by developments in the law, changing economic conditions, and emerging technologies, particularly in health care. They recognize the marketing advantage of the internet. Other clients, long established in practice, have come to realize that a web presence is now an essential component of any business enterprise. To assist every client in defining its future and in optimizing its marketing presence, we now design, create and maintain websites for our clients. We also advise clients on how best to position themselves in an ever-broadening marketplace.

Our firm also maintains a database on insurance companies, HMOs, managed care plans, self-insured employers, and third party administrators. We also maintain a database on recent affiliations, mergers, and transactional developments among healthcare facilities. Rapid access to current information provides our clients with a competitive advantage and an enhanced ability to obtain profitable payor contracts.

We also provide expertise in trademark law .

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